New York Condominium Act amended to allow for Remote Participation

New York Condominium Act amended to allow for Remote Participation

On June 30, 2022, Governor Kathy Hochel signed Senate Bill S7278B (the “Bill”) into law, which amends the real property law Condominium Act allowing for further flexibility around owner meetings’ attendance. As discussed within the Bill, this amendment follows the organic trend that COVID-19 imposed on companies, government agencies, schools and many other businesses to continue their operations in a remote environment. Undoubtedly, the pandemic has shifted our way of living. In some instances, such as this one, virtual interaction has improved the lives of both condominium owners and their board of managers by easing meeting attendance requirements.

The purpose of the bill, introduced by Senator Liz Krueger, was “to allow unit owners to hold meetings via electronic communication if the by-laws allow for it” (see Senate Bill S7278B).  In this busy world, where time is consumed by day-to-day responsibilities and commitments, allowing remote participation will more than likely increase attendance of those condominium owners that previously had an interest in attending a meeting but were unable to be physically present.  In addition, the new law is beneficial to the board of managers since they will be able to effectively hold meetings, given the fact that it may be easier to reach a quorum.

Note, however, the Bill allows for board managers to authorize continuation of virtual meetings without amending the by-laws.

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