Puerto Rico

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New York State, along with almost every single other state in the nation, is an at-will employment jurisdiction.  Some states allow for exceptions such as public policy, however, as a general rule, the

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Not all States are the Same… Evaluating and further creating your estate is something that you should give thoughtful consideration. You should review, among other matters, tax advantages, general flexibility, privacy considerations and

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Puerto Rico is a U.S. territory with a mixed legal tradition by virtue of its history (i.e., first by being a Spanish colony and subsequently by being a U.S. colony).  It was not

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5 Years After Hurricane María On September 18, 2022, Hurricane Fiona, a category one (1) hurricane, hit Puerto Rico after almost exactly five (5) years following the category five (5) landfall of Hurricane

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Are the parties responsible to oversee or facilitate Puerto Rico’s restructuring free of conflicts of interest? We have all heard the news…celebration and congratulatory notes around the fact that Puerto Rico finally exited bankruptcy

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A Comparative Jurisdictional Review of New York City and Puerto Rico As previously mentioned in our newsletter, one of our office goals this year is to tie roots to Puerto Rico and create